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Services below are turnkey and provided as workable, affordable, and complete solutions.

2D Floor Plans

  • Average turnaround time is 2 days
  • Laser verified accuracy
  • Includes marking lengths, widths, ceiling heights, and more on the floor plans
  • Easy access on the MVW

 2D Floor Plans

3D Blueprints

  • Virtual twin of facility or a room(s) inside
  • Marked with 3D dimensions and measurements
  • Accurate to 3-6mm
  • Average turnaround time is 2 days
  • Includes access to videos, CAD files, and other data relevant to the project/space
  • Easy access on the MVW

3D Blueprint

Digital Twins

  • Capture 360 degrees around all equipment
  • Created/updated faster than any other option in the marketplace
  • Can be provided piecemeal as needed
  • Project phasing simulation
  • Whole facility air/off-gassing simulations
  • Equipment movement/installation analysis
  • Easy access on MADTECH's VIMS

Digital Twin

MADTECH's Virtual Information Management System (VIMS) and it's Virtual Worksites (MVW)

  • Cloud based collaborative platform hosting 3D Blueprints and Digital Twins
  • Remote access through any browser allowing engineers, vendors, project managers, project developers, procurement specialists, and owners to view visual data in concert.
  • Perform virtual job walks within the Digital Twin MVW environment while seeing and speaking to vendors and teammates as if on-site
  • Easily access or download supporting information for 3D Data (videos, CAD, drawings, etc.)
  • Can be used for land management to include surveying, environmental assessments, drainage, and spill management
  • Features a robust VR Suite on request, including equipment and set up
  • No software licensing or user fees


Project Management Assistance

  • Update plans and Digital Twins as each phase of work is completed for reconciliation and payment to vendors
  • Mitigate risk for a cascade of mistakes due to one vendor
  • Compehensive Project Manager services available

Project Management

more about the MADTEch VIMS with example videos