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MADTECH'S Virtual Information Management system (VIMS) and it's Virutal worksites are an innovative force multiplier that stores all the 3D and facility data collected by MADTECH. VIMS are the information and collaborative hub for a facility's projects accessed through a browser login or a shared link. VIMS's virtual worksites enable all involved in a project to come together and understand the goals, limitations, timing, and risks associated with a project in ways never done before.


For Individual access: MADTECH's VIMS automatically creates individual virtual worksites for project staff to use their entire digital twins and 3D blueprints from anywhere with internet access. Anxiety goes way down as forgetting the data you need on your office PC when on-site, traveling, or working from home is a thing of the past.

For the team: MADTECH's VIMS also creates team virtual worksites enabling the next generation of collaboration on projects. A collaboration suite is a virtual environment containing the digital twin or 3D blueprint requested and allows all those who enter it to see, gesture, and talk to each other as if they were on-site.

  • What is Virtually on-site? Instead of a zoom call with the model open in front of each remote team member, trying to highlight what to look at and what the subject is, users see an avatar of their colleagues in the facility taking their measurements, inspecting things, and catching anything they do as if in person.

  • Instant understanding: Instead of playing a game of telephone to describe where you want to move something, bring in the contractors to the collaboration suite, turn on your virtual laser pointer, and point at what is to move and where it is to go. All while accomplishing a job walk at the same time.

  • Usable by anyone: Viritual worksites enables presentations for people with different knowledge and skills. The presenter (the project manager or a MADTECH technician) sends a link to users (executives, traditional contractors, others) to click on; he grants permission at the press of a click. If the presenter inspects a pipe, machine, or support beam, others see what the project manager sees. This capability bridges the gap between on-site staff and subject matter experience and the executives, bringing cohesion to organizations spanning all departments and C-suite levels.

  • Virtual bidding and job walk: Collaborative Virtual worksties are perfect for virtual bidding, job walks, and the replacement of return walks to clarify or see something that was missed. Bring in that contractor that is the best in the business, but prohibited by distance and the cost/project management headache that it entails. This capability eliminates local contractors' monopoly on the area and, finally, gives an alternative to the vendors that always cost you money and time.

  • Project layouts and phasing: 3D models can be loaded, and the colors of equipment, pipes, or whole areas can be changed on the digital twins and 3D models stored in a virtual worksite. Our VIM system allows for entire projects to be laid out for easy understanding, phasing, questioning, and confirmation.

  • Access: A collaborative virtual worksite is created through a simple request to MADTECH. Once set up, it lasts for as long as needed for the project's needs and is accessed the same way as the individual rooms.

    Advanced Facility Analysis
    Fluid dynamics airflow: Using the always up-to-date digital twins and underlying 3D data, fluid dynamics simulations have the best accuracy. These analyses include (not exhaustive)
  • Whole facility airflow
  • Equipment/facility off-gassing
  • Flooding
  • Holding tank ruptures
  • Impact of the interconnectivity of the entire facility
  • More
    The Benefits are numerous
  • We can tell an organization how to organize and place their air handling units to meet regulators' needs, worker safety, and COVID protocols, among others
  • We can also tell an organization where that oil, blood, coolant, etc., will flow if its holding tank fails, allowing for innovative and cost-effective safety planning.
  • Theese capabilities help prove to regulators and insurance that everything that could have been done was done should an accident happen.
  • Leverage the interconnectivity of a facility like never before.

Laser Scanned Entire facility is laser scanned
(3K sqft in 30 min, 400K sqft in 4 days)
Point Cloud A point cloud is created
Digital Twins 2D floor plans, 3D blueprints, and/or complete
digital twins of the facility are generated
Propriety Online Data All data stored on a proprietary online data
streaming service for easy access


  • Laser accuracy to 3-6mm
  • Integrate legacy drawings,  CAD models, scanned equipment, and existing equipment
  • 24/7 availability through a  browser to view information within MVW
  • Regain control of your  projects, eliminate surprises,  and cut costs
  • Reduce on-site visits utilizing  virtual job walks with multiple vendors inside the  facility digital twin
  • Simulate scope of work phasing, before committing,  to assure proper placement  and function
  • Remotely engineer, plan,  and implement projects
  • Utilize MVW for ongoing facilities management
  • Assess facilities and land  for environmental impacts
  • Identify vendor specific  delays
  • Give management a first-hand look at proposed changes to facilities

"It’s all about speed! I was responsible for accomplishing millions of dollars in renovations to my 1.1M square foot processing plant. In less than 30 days, MADTECH created a 3D Digital Twin clone of my plant. Using MVW and MADTECH support, I was able to share information easily with internal resources and outside vendors in real time to get great pricing and finish projects 12 months faster than I would otherwise."

~ Michael, Project Engineer

MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW): Full Color Tour

 MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW): The Whole Team Can Be Onsite From Anywhere!

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