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MVW Advantages

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The MADTECH Virtual Worksite

MADTECH Virtual Worksite

The MADTECH Virtual Worksite(MVW) is a brand new system for building a fully 3-D digital twin Of a facility or plant using advanced LIDAR, Photogrammetry, and Drone technology to collect data that is then run through a proprietary Al software to create a 3-D digital twin. So new solutions that would otherwise not be possible cost prohibitive or simply not seen due to traditional methods hiding the solution behind inefficiency can be implemented. The digital twin can be but is not limited to being used to accomplish engineering, construction simulations, Virtual job walls, project implementation, remote measurement, and data collection, and lastly, detailed georeferenced land surveys. All of this is done and accessed through any normal internet browser. No software or file downloads. In every case, the application of the MVW saves money, increases revenues, and provides huge cost avoidance for customers that are readily documented.

  • Save significant time and money by remotely taking engineering measurements of plants and facilities using MVW from anywhere in the world with internet access.
  • Save significant time and money by virtually simulating modifications and construction plans in MVW before committing to them.
  • Ability of personnel to enter MVW virtually and tour plant as needed.
    • Give Management a first-hand look at proposed changes to facilities.
    • Orient new personnel and subcontractors to facilities
    • Gain first-hand perspectives to plan projects without going to plant.t
  • Reduce costs of Projects by making better decisions and avoiding mistakes.
    • Inexpensively review multiple options and scenarios for doing work.
      • Reduced third-party engineering costs for 2D & 3D CAD and other work.
      • In-house engineering capabilities geometrically expanded.
      • Do and see it virtually before you do it in real-time.
  • Significantly Improve Safety by reducing traffic through the plant and planning construction better, as well as being able to identify safety issues much faster using MVW to find and mitigate them.
  • Ability to Integrate MVW with Integrated Building Management Systems.
    • Immediate ability to see what is operating, what it looks like, where it is, what is around it, and how to access it.
    • Orient new personnel and subcontractors to facilities
    • Plant Management can increase plant operating time and efficiency significantly and reduce downtime of any piece of equipment.
  • The bility for all plant MVWs and BMSs to be viewed, used, and operated centrally to save money on projects, maintenance, and operating costs.
  • Ability to inexpensively keep MVW current by using a MADTECH proprietary methodology that allows very fast updating of MVW after modifications are made
  • Engineering drawings and land surveys are rarely kept current.  The MVW gives you all dimensions of every aspect of your facilities and land without the need for engineering drawings or land surveys.

If no data exists about land or facilities, MADTECH is uniquely situated to come in and get it all, from the biggest to the smallest details, in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods. The MVW enables measurements of land and facilities to be taken to an accuracy of less than 1/2 inch and submillimeter with a little more time spent. MADTECH also creates engineering measurement reports, survey maps, 3D Point Clouds, floor plans, and other information created and that is made easily accessible to customer employees and contractors in different locations so they can all use it simultaneously and in "Virtual" conferences if desired. This significantly reduces the travel and time now being spent by employees or contractors going to locations to look for and gather data that will now be at their fingertips in a few seconds. (How many trips to facilities and land are repeated over and over again by multiple people in the same company or organization to get the same data? It is a huge dollar amount compared to the fractional cost of applying The MVW to harness all the data about facilities and land conditions.)

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MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW)

Potential Scalability, and Clipping Features
MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW)

Teamwork and Collaboration from anywhere within a MVW

Data Storage, and Measurements

MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW)

Project Layouts, Tags, and Movement Simulations
MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW)

The MVW is powered by MADTECH's proprietary vLayer™ Technology

MADTECH invented vLayer™ Technology creating a new tech industry acronym.