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Mission Planning

MADTECH works with customers to determine their needs and requirements and how to best take advantage of MADTECH services. This process is called "Mission Planning" because the customer is procuring a defined mission to collect data using a drone operated by an FAA-licensed, insured, commercial drone operator who has passed a compliance course from an accredited university, such as Drone University USA in Sacramento. Mission Planning determines which reports we provide to our clients. The scope of the missions determines the cost. It also predicts the benefits -- which will outweigh the cost of the missions by at least three to one.

Mission Price

The price of a mission is determined by pilot and observer time, location of mission site, equipment and sensors, software needed, and report preparation time required to complete the mission. The cost of FAA clearance and compliance can also be a factor in determining final costs of a mission. MADTECH provides open book pricing on all missions. The price is offset by savings to the customer, which are determined during Mission Planning. Missions have great financial paybacks.


MADTECH mission planners work with you to develop a proposal for missions. This proposal details the services to be provided, expected benefits, and cost to run the missions. The cost of proposal development varies depending on the complexity of the mission and is rolled into the final mission cost. Customers bear half the cost of the mission planning if they choose not to procure and execute the mission. A cost estimate for mission planning will be provided for the customer to approve.

Subscription Agreement

A formal written "subscription" agreement for Missions will be signed between customer and MADTECH prior to running a mission. It will clearly state in list format the details of the missions to be flown, data to be collected, and reports to be delivered. Subscription Agreements are most cost-effective way to procure drone services for a season and cover multiple crops.

Drone and Computer Imagery

Mission Guarantee

At an agreed time and place, MADTECH will fly the missions. If a mission is impeded or not flown for any reason—such as weather, equipment failure, or other unanticipated events—it will be flown again at no additional cost.