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Environmental Compliance & Data

Current Capabilities

What does this mean?

MADTECH can now integrate MVW collected datum with the latest technology to eliminate any guesswork!

MADTECH can now offer control solutions inside the company’s everyday operations.

MADTECH can now implement a central hub for managing data and controlling equipment.

Additionally, MADTECH can determine if piping is sized large enough to handle variable amounts of storm water and waste water then engineer and implement solutions for when they can't.

Data that makes sense all in a Central Hub using an Integrated Intelligence Platform
  • Metering of water withdraw
  • Metering of water distribution
  • Metering of pumps
  • Hertz, gallons per minute, etc.
  • Automatic shut off for water supply
  • Equipment in the plant during breaks, pivots, wells, etc.
  • Metering of permitted equipment
  • Scrubber temperature, differential pressure gauges, fan speed, run time for pivots, generator run times on and off load, water characteristics (pH and flows), etc.
  • Control of equipment through remote locations
  • Charts of affiliated metrics to allow for proactiveness on equipment/permit limits.

The MADTECH VIMS can be used to accomplish the following:

Facility Documentation

  • Quickly Create a 3D Point Cloud for use in measuring “all” surfaces of the interior and exterior of buildings (accurate to less than 2cm), and enabling confident will it fit and will it work decisions (avoid multimillion-dollar mistakes and having different projects negatively impact each other).
  • Ability to use 3D Point Cloud to determine floor to floor penetration information (Know if go through the ceiling in this spot, this is what is on other side.)
    Ability to place measured OEM Equipment and other items into and out of 3D Dot Cloud in various locations for “will it work/will it fit” decisions with 1mm accuracy
    Quickly Create Floor Plans for Buildings from 3D Point Cloud
    Integrate video for synchronized reference while using 3D Point Cloud (Very Unique Capability)
    Identification of equipment and assets in and around facilities. MADTECH provides different levels of conditions assessment depending on goal.
    Ability for individuals in different locations to access and used data simultaneously while in conference with each other.
    Coming soon: MADTECH is developing virtual reality interface with 3D Point Clouds for groups of engineers and contractors to virtually examine spaces and take measurements, even if people are in different locations.

Spray Irrigation

Determine total acres of land
Determine acres of land under crop
Determine acres of land under spray irrigation
Determine compliance boundary/setbacks
Determine topographic/contours for spray irrigation runoff Determine topographic/contours for rain water runoff on fields
Determine areas/potential areas for ponding
Determine irrigation wells and monitoring well locations
Determine hydraulic loading for pivots (typically not uniform. Varies by head, pump pressure, number of pumps, end gun, pivot speed)
Determine infiltration rate map based on percolation rates from known soil analysis
Determine field health (overall plant growth, % of crop coverage, diseases present, weeds) for optimizing uptake/yield
Determine hot spot locations from monitoring well data vs spray irrigation flow/surface water flow
Determine stops on each field and whether or not they may be increased/decreased.

Sludge Application

Determine total acres of land Determine monitoring well locations
Determine total acres available for use with applicable setbacks
Determine contours of land and potential areas where injection/spray may runoff


Determine total acres of applicable surfaces (impervious/pervious in each drainage area)
Determine topographic/contours for flow direction for all storm water (dry weather flow and rain event)
Determine outfall locations from contour maps and direct discharge pipes
Determine drainage area from contour map and compare to client's Storm water plan
Determine industrial areas vs non-industrial areas within each drainage area
Determine if industrial storm water is being captured/treated properly
Determine storm water quantity to be treated in specific drainage areas based on rain events (ensure infrastructure is present and practices are sufficient)
Determine roof area and applicable water quantity from rain events in drainage areas Determine any areas that may need to be treated/bypassed for water savings/treatment Determine catch basin locations (if on the ground, ultimate destination of catch basin effluent)
Determine if drainage areas change depending on rainfall events (1", 5-year, 10-year, 100-year storm event) Determine if containment areas may be compromised depending on a storm event (can include storage tanks/berms)

Water Allocation

Determine industrial supply well locations Determine potable water well locations
Determine/mark sample points for lead/copper, chlorine, quarterly testing

General Site Map

Interactive map to mark permitted units to include air, SPCC (Spill Prevention Counter Measures), storm water, wastewater GPS coordinates of fixed permitted units
Interactive map correlating permitted units with permits/renewal/requirements
Interactive map for each environmental sector (air, SPCC, stormwater, water allocation, wastewater) Interactive map to select specific area for various uses (applying for county, state permits) Interactive map of access ways/landmarks (cemeteries)/easements with identification
Interactive map to mark/find location and distances to nearest obstruction for permitted units (air)

Customer Portal

Access 3D Point Clouds of Facilities Access 3D Models of Facilities
Access Floor Plans
Access Land Surveys Access Reports
Access Data
Access Crop Health Maps
Access Interactive General Site Maps