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Get the Big Picture with Drones

Modern technology is changing agriculture. MADTECH uses agricultural drones to give farmers comprehensive and detailed information about their crops. Our drones are equipped with normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) sensors and forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras to reveal a wealth of information about your crops and land. These services are also ideal for companies that produce seed, fertilizers, insecticide, fungicide, and other products.

State-of-the-Art Drones

MADTECH uses the most efficient, large-coverage agricultural drone on the market. This automatic solution can cover thousands of acres in a single one day planned mission — up to 10 times more than quadcopter drones. Our drones use a groundbreaking camera that captures accurate multispectral data across four bands, plus visible RGB imagery, for efficient crop monitoring and analysis.

High-definition images give you the ability to capture the condition of any visible surface and inspect leaves for disease or insect infestation. We also have the ability to create accurate reflectance maps, index maps (such as NVDI), machine-readable application maps, and high-resolution RGB orthomosaics.

Illustrated Value of The MADTECH System

Case Study: What Farmers need to Know

MADTECH provides customized and fair pricing to each farm based on services provided. MADTECH takes 40% of fee at time service is provided and remaining 60% of the fee after harvest. If the farmer does not get at least a 1:1 Return on investment; MADTECH waives the 60% balance of its fee. The expected return on investment is at least 3:1.

NDVI Sensors

NDVI sensors and reports provide a wide range of information about crop conditions, non-crop vegetation conditions, and the amount of vegetation in a water body. NDVI is the measurement of near infrared (NIR) minus red spectrum divided by NIR plus red. Healthy vegetation will have high chlorophyll counts that absorb more red light than unhealthy vegetation, which has less chlorophyll. Analyzing the spectral signature of vegetation using NDVI can give you the information you need to keep your crops healthy.

Agricultural Services Provided by The MADTECH System®

Farm Services provided that will decrease cost of farming and Increase Crop Yields.

  1. Aerial Survey of Fields to determine Crop Health.
  2. Aerial Survey of Fields to determine Irrigation Effectiveness / Find Leaks.
  3. Aerial Survey of Fields for early detection of disease, fungus, and insects to prevent crop loss.
  4. Soil and Plant Tissue Samples are taken and tested by MADTECH for Farmers & Agronomists from optimum locations determined from Aerial Data.
  5. Placing real-time Data Collected into USB loaded Prescriptions to optimize use of Farm Equipment. (Using Real-Time and Condition Data gathered from Aerial Flights for Prescriptions can Improve Crop Yield Significantly.  The current method of using historical data for prescriptions is antiquated and makes it possible to decrease costs of farming and increase crop yields using the much better real-time and condition data.)
  6. No Cost Study of Existing Farm Equipment Capabilities with reports to help show and train Farmers how to better optimize its use.  John Deere reports that many farmers are under utilizing the true capabilities of the farm equipment they own; making it possible to gain efficiency with more knowledge.
  7. Inspection of Farm Structures.
  8. Aerial Surveys after bad Storms, Natural Disasters, Fires, and other Calamities to Assess Damage.

NDVI Imagery of Agricultural Property

Imagery of Farm Under NDVI Sensors