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MADTECH is committed to improving the livelihood and lives of farmers while at the same time helping the world learn to
better feed itself by increasing crop yields and protecting environments critical to long-term sustainability of all ecosystems.

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Cutting-Edge Services for Industry and Agriculture

MADTECH has developed trade secret methodologies to use and integrate existing state of the art technologies and software to quickly document the conditions of both the largest and smallest details about facilities, land, environmental compliance, determining impacts of rain events, and documenting the flow of water or any other liquid on facilities or land with accuracy significantly greater than conventional methods. Land surveys and maps provided by MADTECH also provides customers with rapid first responder and spill response plans and capabilities that are a huge positive step change in safety over conventional methods.

The MADTECH System is generally defined as uniquely integrating and applying state of the art technology and software to document the condition and details about facilities, land, environmental compliance, and crop/vegetation health for better management, engineering, and solutions development that would otherwise not be possible or cost prohibitive using conventional methods. In every case, the application of The MADTECH System saves money, increases revenues, or provides huge cost avoidance for customers that are readily documented.

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If no data exists about land or facilities; MADTECH is uniquely situated to come in and get it all, from the biggest to the smallest details, in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods. The MADTECH System enables measurements of land and facilities to be taken to an accuracy of less than 2cm or 1mm with a little more time spent. It also makes the reports, survey maps, 3D Point Clouds, floor plans, and other information created and collected easily accessible by customer employees and contractors in different locations to use all of it simultaneously and in conference if desired. This significantly reduces the travel and time now being spent by employees or contractors going to locations to look for and gather data that will now be at their fingertips in a few seconds. (How many trips to facilities and land are repeated over and over again by multiple people in the same company or organization to get the same data? It is a huge dollar amount compared to the fractional cost of applying The MADTECH System to harness all the data about facilities and land conditions.)

MADTECH is a veteran owned business.

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Soil and Plant Tissue Samples are taken and tested by MADTECH for Farmers & Agronomists from optimum locations determined from Aerial Data.

About Us

MADTECH has its headquarters and Solutions Development & Training center in downtown Salisbury, Maryland, thirty minutes from Ocean City, MD. Its focus is the application of state of the art technology to create step changes in efficiency for customers that produce financial, environmental, safety, and other benefits.

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