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Simply put, there are 5 things that MADTECH provides to customers, at significantly less cost, with more speed, and higher quality than any other option currently available. They are as follows:

  1. 2D floor plans annotated with Lengths, Widths, ceiling heights, and areas of floor space, by room and hallway.
  2. Creation of 3D Digital Twins integrated with videos, specifications, and notes that can be used to bid projects more efficiently without requiring an on-site job walk. While at the same time lowering pricing by providing significantly more information to bidders than they would get from onsite job walks.  Pricing is also lowered by enabling more distant or busy vendors to participate in bidding process, because they don’t have to come onsite.
    1. Digital Twin seamlessly encompasses above ceiling and below ceiling spaces (examples: above a drop ceiling and below a server room grated floor – captures cabling, piping, and all other details in these locations).
  3. Creation of 3D blueprints: which are digital twins of facilities or projects, that are premeasured to the customer’s specifications. So, when an owner, bidder, contractor, etc. enters a 3D blueprint each room has: wall to wall, ceiling height, door frame, and any other measurements requested pre done, pre-verified, and visible within them. A literal blueprint you can walk into, no user work or measurement necessary. Let MADTECH do the work. 
    1. Owners and bidders can access the annotated Digital twin, and 3D Blueprint integrated with 360 High resolution Video of work areas from anywhere.  Bidders can reference the 3D blueprints for as long as they need to get their pricing right – no need for multiple job walks – questions can be answered via virtual 3D meetings rather than scheduling additional job walks.
    2. MADTECH’s rapid scanning technology allows areas to be quickly rescanned where work was done during projects. This then creates an updated as-built 3D Digital twin and or 3D blueprints, to layover the bid twin and or 3D blueprints, to determine if work was done and done correctly.
  4. Individual user access to dynamic virtual work environments to use 3D Blueprints and Digital twins to develop projects that is cloud hosted, accessed by internet browser, and requires no software download or licensing. 
    1. Very simple and easy to use by anyone, even someone with no technical training, which can be important in getting and making it easier to get stake holder approvals.
  5. Facilitated dynamic group virtual work environments, where stake holders located in different places come together to virtually work with 3D Blueprints or the Digital twin. While literally seeing and being able to talk/point/gesture to one another as measurements, placements, and decisions are made in virtual space. Examples of things that can be done together virtually are:
    1. Take measurements together.
    2. Determine optimal equipment and processing line locations by virtual placement.
    3. Do simulations to determine will it fit, will it work, and whether it is the best option can be virtually done quickly to optimize return on expenditures and mitigate risk with real-time and instant clash detection. 
    4. Make it easy to bring all stakeholders together, no matter where they are in the world, to make decisions.
    5. Check ergonomics and get even more immersive and life-like job walks with the MADTECH’s easy to use and unique VR Package. VR headset, PC, and area set up included in package.

2022 Published pricing to do the above is as follows:

  • 56 cents a square foot for 2D floor plans and 3D Blueprints without integrated 360 videos
  • 64 cents a square foot for floor plans and 3D Blueprints with integrated 360 video
  • 28 cents a square foot for above ceiling or below floor documentation
  • $135/hour plus material costs for opening and preparing ceilings or floors for scanning.
  • $135/hour to support use of MADTECH Virtual Worksite (as needed/should be minimal). This means a MADTECH technician will be inside your Digital twin for training, questions, and facilitating projects (moving 3D models, taking measurements, etc.)  online until the users are comfortable using everything on their own. A thorough instruction manual is provided and only takes about an hour to read and practice with before most are comfortable. 24/7 technical support provided and always free when done through email.
  • $135/hour for a MADTECH technician to solely facilitate virtual group meetings, where MADTECH creates 3D models of equipment or processing to place inside 3D Blueprints (digital twin) until optimal placement and project phasing is determined by the customer who is also inside the virtual space directing the work or will be checking in on it later. 
  • $135/hour to annotate 3D Blueprints (placing measurements, objects, equipment, processing, notes, videos, pictures, etc.) for use in bidding projects and facilitating virtual job walks.
  • Discounts are negotiated for larger projects because efficiency of MADTECH technology increases with size of project.
  • VR package price dependent on area size, PC prices, etc. 
  • A few cents adjustment to pricing cover travel costs, depending on project location.

Examples of large projects (400,000+ square foot facilities) are on website.
These 5 things are the core of what we do.  I don’t believe anyone can do them better, more affordably, or faster than we can.  

Please use the link below to see an example of a 3D Blueprint that measurements can be taken in and objects (equipment, furniture, processing lines, etc…) to optimize installation and mitigate risk. Feel free to call MADTECH at (410) 703-4298 to get a free demonstration. When clicking the link below, enter any name – no special permission or password required.


Madtech Example Floor Plan
If you need an Instruction Manual, they are free, please send an email to: or call Tom Marnane, President of MADTECH, at (410) 703-4298

MADTECH is an experienced and successful technology services

Are your projects delayed, pricing too high, or outcomes not what you would like? Are you stuck using the same vendors over and over again because they have a monopoly on your facilities' information resulting in expensive monopoly pricing? Are you limited in how you develop and evaluate project options?

With 42 years of experience managing, developing, and implementing projects for all types of facilities plus new innovative technology, MADTECH gathers the information and provides the means to solve these problems permanently. It is easy for customers with no technical training to use MADTECH's Virtual Worksite (MVW) technology and personnel to rapidly gather, share, and give everyone all the 3D and 2D information they need to develop, bid, and manage facilities projects, even if no information currently exists. Enabling significantly more to get done with existing resources.

MADTECH is not an engineering firm; it is a technology, communications, and boots-on-the-ground data collection services company that can rapidly give an engineer, vendor, project manager, project developer, procurement specialist, and owner all the facility and land information needed to be successful and in concert with everyone else in a very short time frame (days not months…).

The MVW technology and our field services affordably solve the information collection and availability problem in a way that creates a very positive ROI versus using more expensive and time-consuming conventional methods of gathering and sharing information. We get customer projects started faster, get more vendors to participate, enable the best pricing, mitigate risk, and ensure the project value is delivered. MADTECH is your best first step in developing, planning, bidding, starting, problem-solving, and determining if the value was received for a project because you cannot do any of that well without accurate information and rapid communication of that information to all stakeholders, which the MVW makes possible.

Please contact us and let us show you how easily the MVW enables rapid information collection and dissemination that will lower your overall project costs significantly, reduce time to deliver, mitigate risk, and guarantee good project outcomes.

MADTECH is an experienced and successful technology services company that uses its own workforce and proprietary MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW), first of its kind Induverse 3D technology, to less expensively and more rapidly give customers all the information they need to develop, plan, implement, and mitigate risk to successfully complete and lower the price of a facility project by:

  • Scanning entire facility, creating a point cloud, and then creating a 3D digital twin of your facility that is comprehensive of all surfaces. (Commercial, industrial, healthcare, university, pharmaceutical, all types of facilities, wherever they are located…)
  • Having 24/7 ability to communicate facility and project information virtually via the Cloud without the need for any file downloading, special software, or computer; to all that need it, wherever they are located.
  • Creating and enabling virtual group working sessions and meetings, where people located different geographical locations can virtually see, hear, talk, and work together virtually inside the digital twin of a facility while taking engineering measurements, accomplishing clash detection, and moving objects to see what are the best options.
    • Objects can be CAD models, scanned equipment, existing equipment, and more…
  • Simulating and laying out entire planned project in 3D to plan implementation, mitigate risk, and price for it.
  • Placing videos of spaces, 2D drawings, CAD models, equipment specifications, and any other information desired inside the digital twin for easy point and click access.
  • Enabling virtual job walks that allow more vendors to participate and provide better pricing, because information to make bids is available 24/7 in 3D, not just when people are on-site.
  • Very few people can visualize 2D drawings in 3D, even with formal engineering training, making it difficult to understand projects, price projects, and include important stake holders in decision making on projects – MVW fixes this problem and makes it easy for anyone to participate in a project, regardless of technical background.
  • 3D scanning the completed project and laying it out over the planned project to see if work was done correctly and value expected was received.

The MVW is a workable, affordable and complete solution to having all the information you need to be successful implementing facility projects!

Please enjoy the sample videos and discussions of the emerged and disruptive MVW technology on this website, call us with any questions about how it works and how we can put the MVW to work for you to save money and mitigate risk. Why continue to work without the information you need to be successful implementing facility projects?

MADTECH MADTECH Virtual Worksite
2D is not 3D picture Engineering Platform MVW planning

THE MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW) literally puts you along with others from different geographical locations virtually inside of your facilities as if you were standing onsite. Teams working together can see each other and talk to each other while working in the MVW. Large-scale facilities and land can be recreated as digital twins in days. For instance, a 400k SqFt facility only takes ~2 days to scan and 16-30 days to make a digital twin accessible. There is no need for anyone to be at the facility to develop solutions! MVWs are seamless environments; all surfaces and equipment captured are dimensionally accurate.

Potential Scalability, and Clipping features
MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW)

All project details can be placed inside the MVW, and virtual job walks can be conducted with vendors never having to come on-site! From experience, the MVW virtual job walk displays projects in 3D exactly as it needs to be done, saving 10-50% on project costs. 2D drawings are often difficult for contractors to interpret, but seeing exactly how a project should be performed and completed when finished leaves nothing for interpretation. After a project is complete, the vendor's work can be scanned and placed against the 3D project bid walk-through that was done in the MVW for reconciliation purposes.

Decisions regarding "will it fit," "will it work," or "is it the best option" are made in digital space before anything is done in real space. 3D models of new and/or existing equipment can be uploaded, stored, and used within the MVW's master facility point cloud for the "will it fit/work" simulations. Manage projects faster and safer than ever before!

Project Layouts, Tags, and Movement Simulations
MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW)

If there are no facility drawings, no information about current conditions, and no one left who remembers any details about a facility; MADTECH can create a Digital Twin of that facility that is dimensionally accurate for engineering measurement, has everything that exists currently, and has tags to click on to get videos and other information about each area within 16-30 days for a 400,000 SqFt facility that is cluttered with equipment and conveyors. Projects you want to do, or equipment you want to install, can be installed and simulated exactly inside the MVW as you would like it to be done in real space. CAD drawings are created, and measurements are taken from the MVW point cloud for engineers to use. As things change, MADTECH inexpensively updates the Digital Twin for use with future projects, so you always know the exact conditions, measurements, and details of your facilities without having to physically go to them.

Data Storage, and Measurements

The MVW holds all information necessary for initial project steps to begin with more certainty, speed, and the lowest cost when compared to any conventional method on the market. Once those projects do start the MVW acts as the repository of information for all facility data needed. As well as a fast access support hub to allow for any uncertainty about a project or facility condition to be made certain.

MADTECH uses a proprietary combination of high-quality fast-capture cohesive point clouds of entire facilities, with an advanced 3D model and point data streaming service to create the MVW. The MVW is a 3D, easily-updateable-over- time, VR-accessible Digital Twin of a facility. MVWs are accessed by customers and or contractors via the internet to engineer and measure in digital space, saving money, time, and making sure that costly or embarrassing mistakes are avoided. MADTECH has an ISNetworld Grade A for Exemplary Safety and can work in all environments.

MVW Advantages

MVW Savings

So what IS a MADTECH Virtual Worksite?

  • The MVW Isa proprietary combination of high-quality, fast capture, full color, Point clouds of entire facilities with an advanced 3-D model and point data streaming service.
  • The MVW is fully 3-D
  • The MVW is a FULL facility twin AKA all pipes, all machines, all walls, etc., are captured.
  • The MVW is fully interactive and traversable, all from the first-person POV, just like on-site, using your laptop or a VR headset.
  • The MVW is accessed through a browser (no software or file download/transfer services).
  • The MVW is a 3D solution/replacement for missing, outdated, or wrong blueprints/2d drawings.
  • The MVW is the tool used to remotely engineer, plan, and implement projects. While also acting as the end, all be all tool in facilities management.
  • For a more in-depth breakdown, click the MVW HOME button below, or to see how the MVW could help your facility and bottom line specifically, click the contact us button!

MVW Info Home

Licensed & Insured   "ISNetworld Grade A for Safety"

"MVW is an agile life-cycle engineering (LCE) platform for facilities. Built on backbone of always up-to-date 3-dimensional scans of facilities and equipment, available 24/7 on a secured cloud, it integrates legacy CAD, log, videos, and documentation, allowing the local and remote team to explore in 3D, plan in 3D, weigh the benefits of management options, and optimize the evolution of facilities in real-time.

MVW is for facilities what GIT + JENKINS do for software projects: collaborative, secure, comprehensive, and real-time." Alain Briancon, Ph. D. MIT

“It's all about speed! I was responsible for accomplishing millions of dollars in renovations to my 1.1M square foot processing plant. The information I needed did not exist or was not reliable. In less than 30 days, MADTECH created a 3D Digital Twin clone of my plant - comprehensive of all surfaces, dimensionally accurate, and loaded with video and equipment information needed to get work done. Using MVW and MADTECH support, I was able to share information easily with internal resources and outside vendors in real time to finalize projects, get great pricing, and get projects finished 12 months faster than I would of otherwise. The projects went well and without mistakes because the MVW made it easy to remotely and virtually collaborate with engineers and vendors to simulate and discuss all parts of project together in digital space before doing them in real space.”              Michael Phillips, Project Engineer

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MVW Creates an Intergrated 3D Virtual Twin of All Your Facilities that can be Updated as Changes Occur

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MADTECH has its headquarters and Solutions Development & Training center in downtown Salisbury, Maryland, thirty minutes from Ocean City, MD. Its focus is the application of state-of-the-art technology to create step changes in efficiency for customers that produce financial, environmental, safety, and other benefits.

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