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Workable, Affordable, Complete Technology Solutions for the Farm Industry

MADTECH is committed to improving the livelihood and lives of farmers while at the same time helping the world learn to
better feed itself by increasing crop yields and protecting environments critical to long-term sustainability of all ecosystems.

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Cutting-Edge Services for Industry and Agriculture

Discover how aerial crop analysis can improve yields on your farm. MADTECH provides drone services to the farm industry throughout the continental United States.

We use state-of-the-art drones, advanced sensors, and the latest software reporting tools to improve the value to the farm industry. With detailed information about your crops, you'll be able to identify problem areas, improve drainage, and use your land more efficiently. Our services deliver a 3-to-1 benefit-to-cost ratio or better.

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Our Services Can Help You:

Propeller Icon Determine Crop Health

Propeller Icon Determine Irrigation Effectiveness

Propeller Icon Prevent Crop Loss

Propeller Icon Optimize Use of Farm Equipment

Propeller Icon Assess Existing Equipment Capabilities

Propeller Icon Inspect Structures

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Propeller Icon Survey Damage

Soil and Plant Tissue Samples are taken and tested by MADTECH for Farmers & Agronomists from optimum locations determined from Aerial Data.

About Us

MADTECH is a family-owned business in Huntingtown, Maryland. We specialize in operating agricultural and environmental drones to help our clients reach their goals. Our founders, Tom and Zach Marnane, have more than 30 years of experience in agriculture and technology. We strive to develop long-term working relationships with farmers, agronomists, and agricultural companies to make farming more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. By 2050, it will be necessary to double crop yield per acre in order to feed the world's population. At MADTECH, we are proud to play a role in making that happen. Learn More »


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