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The MADTECH Virtual Information System (VIMS): Key Features

Video Quality: Before playing the video please double check that it is playing at the highest quality possible on YouTube. You can check the video quality by selecting the gearbox in the bottom right of the YouTube video player. Please make sure the quality is at 1080p AKA Full HD.

MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW): Full Color Tour

 MADTECH Virtual Worksite (MVW): The Whole Team Can Be Onsite From Anywhere!

Quick Project Validation!

Demonstrations of MADTECH's VIM System are available for qualified customers

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MADTECH's VIM System Creates an Integrated 3D Virtual Twin of All Your Facilities that can be Updated as Changes Occur

Propeller Icon Virtually tour Facilties Remotely

Propeller Icon Determine Optimal  Construction Plans

Propeller Icon Take Engineering Measurements Remotely

Propeller Icon Create Virtual Simulations for "Will it Fit and Will it Work" 

Propeller Icon Assess Facilties and Land  for Environmental Impacts

Propeller Icon Create Engineering Plans where None Exist Now

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Propeller Icon Survey Damage

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MADTECH has its headquarters and Solutions Development & Training center in downtown Salisbury, Maryland, thirty minutes from Ocean City, MD. Its focus is the application of state-of-the-art technology to create step changes in efficiency for customers that produce financial, environmental, safety, and other benefits.

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